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Syllabus for CAT examination

Hello Aspirants, "What is syllabus?" is the common question that come into mind when aspirants begin preparation for CAT. But, majority of people get frustrated when they get to know that there is no predefined syllabus for CAT. Is that makes the CAT exam paper unpredictable?
The answer is NO. Every MBA program except its

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Number Systems

Hello MBA Aspirants, Many of you will find this article to be little lengthy. We have tried to make this article as short as possible. But, since, the number system is the one of the most fundamental concept in mathematics or even we can call number system as the base of mathematics, every concept relating to number system is important and people who are going to face one of the toughest exam should not skip them.

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Hello Aspirants, Let us 1st take a look at some important definations.

n! = n (n-1) (n-2) ......3*2*1.
Ex. 5! = 5*4*3*2*1 = 120.

We use permutations when we have to calculate total no. of arrangements that can be made by taking some or all things together at a time.

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Time and work

Hello Aspirants, at least one problem on work and time is observed in most of the CAT exam papers. We have disscussed some techniques to solve such problems in this article.

Some tips and formulae for Time and Work problems
1. If A can do a piece of work in n days, then the work done by A in one day = 1/n.

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Profit and Loss

Hello MBA aspirants, Profit and Loss problems are found in almost all MBA entrance exams. Let us take a look at some key concepts regarding this subject.

Some important terms and formulae for Profit and Loss problems

Cost Price(C.P)

The price at which an article is purchased is called the Cost Price of that article.

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