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Syllabus for CAT examination

Hello Aspirants, "What is syllabus?" is the common question that come into mind when aspirants begin preparation for CAT. But, majority of people get frustrated when they get to know that there is no predefined syllabus for CAT. Is that makes the CAT exam paper unpredictable?
The answer is NO. Every MBA program except its candidate to have adequate aptitude for quantitative,logical & English language skills. And all MBA entrance exams have the same aim of selecting the candidates with these skills. By observing the previous CAT exam papers, we have made the list of topics on which most probably questions will be asked. And we have written other CAT blogs around these topics to clear the basic concepts and share some tricks (we give preference to clearing basic concepts rather than tricks but, many times these tricks are found to be lot of time saving).
Many people after observing previous CAT papers, while studying give preference to the type of question pattern rather than what topics these questions cover and suffer later most when the paper pattern is changed.

The list of topics on which questions are most likely asked in the CAT exam are follows:

CAT English/Verbal Ability: Reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, syllogisms, analogies, antonyms and synonyms, fill in the blanks, sentence correction, idioms, etc.

CAT Maths/Quant Ability: Number systems, geometry, trogonometry, probability, permutation combination, algebra, mensuration, time and work, averages, percentages, profit and loss, quadratic and linear equations, etc.

CAT Data Interpretation: Interpretation and analysis of data based on text, tables, graphs (line, area), charts (column, bar, pie), venn diagram, etc.

CAT Logical Reasoning: Clocks, calendars, binary logic, seating arrangement, blood relations, logical sequence, assumption, premise, conclusion, linear and matrix arrangement, etc.

And now the next most likely asked question after reading this can be "what makes CAT exam difficult as compared to other exams like GRE,GMAT etc. when same skills are being tested in CAT?"

The CAT exam itself is not tough. The percentile rank from CAT is used by many institutes other than IIMs for their admission of MBA programs and keeping in mind that as well CAT exam paper is set. The thing that makes the CAT exam tough is the competation. When ratio of seats in IIMs and no. of candidates appearing for exam are taken into mind it is obvious that 1 extra mark can also have lot of impact in your admission to IIMs.

So, study hard. Our other CAT articles are written to cover many topics that are imortant for CAT and we are sure these will really help you in your preparation. Thank you for reading. Keep sharing. Our team is eager to answer your questions and queries. HTML5 Icon

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