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CDAC C-CAT Exam Preparation Tips

Hello Aspirants, CDAC is trusted word in indian IT industry and many IT companies look for CDAC candidates when they need ready to deploy workforce.

Along with DAC and DMC CDAC also offers courses related to electronic field such as embedded & VLSI.

Candidates going for these electronics related courses has to give one more test paper for CDAC entrance, cdac call it section C paper.

But, if you take a look at CDAC entrance rules, one thing you will notice that the more importance is given to CDAC section A paper Rank. And scoring good marks in section A paper is not easy as compared to section B or section C papers.

In section A paper, you have to solve 50 questions in 60 minutes which includes quantitative aptitude questions, reasoning & logical questions along with questions based on English language skills which arranged in increasing order of difficulty.

CDAC has mentioned GRE2016 book and Quantitative aptitude by R.S Aggarwal as refrence book for Section A preparation. But, we found the difficulty of problems to be little higher than GRE. So, werecommend Quantitative aptitude by R.S Aggarwal over the other.

It is observed that majority CDAC aspirants fail to solve complete Section A paper in given time limit. Lot of practice is needed to Solve whole CDAC section A paper in given time. Our CCAT mock test series will definately help you to practice for this.

Time is not problem for section B and section C papers. C programming tutorial from is good for Section B preparation.

I had managed to solve 48 questions out of 50 questions of section B correctly by only reffering to this tutorial pdf. They also offer functionality to test your program online.

Thank you for reading the article. Your feedback is valuable to us. Keep sharing.

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Write a commentsir C dac C cat exam ka chapter wise syllabus provide kra dijiye mera email hai
Write a commentsir C dac C cat exam ka chapter wise syllabus provide kra dijiye mera email hai
admin  Admin
Hi dipak! There is no topic wise syllabus officially given by cdac. for ccat exam. But, our test preparation team observed some topic wise question patterns
admin  Admin
For test preparation especially full mock tests, we considered last 3 years exam papers. We are releasing more full test series soon. Practice these & you will get idea