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Tips for Candidate selection process of US business schools

Hello aspirants, We all know that US business schools often group applicants according to their ethnic, gender and professional categories. This is done to maintain diversity among the students. But, this grouping can have major impact on the particular candidates selection. So, We have gathered some information that will help you to shine irrespective of your applicant category.

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How to choose best MBA program

Hello aspirants, majority of the MBA aspirants put lot of time in figuring out which is the best MBA program from them. When people have to select one MBA program from many, they start thinking on the basis of many criterions like location of school, scholarships, teaching methods etc. But, are these criterions really matter in long run?? The answer is big NO.

In long run the only criterion that matter is

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Education loan for MBA in US

Hello Aspirants, although many of us have got the zeal to study abroad, how many of us have enough money to invest on education ? So, this is when you will opt for a bank loan. Bank loans could be taken in India or abroad as well. But, it is not really recommended to opt for an International student loan as the Visa Officer might not approve your visa.

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The documents required for OFC & F1 VISA interview

The Documents required for OFC:

A valid passport.

Appointment letter.

DS-160 barcode page.

Visa application payment receipt.

F-1 students should bring the SEVIS receipt and I-20.

The Documents required to carry for Visa Interview:

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Important Visa interview questions

Hello Aspirants. In this article, We would like to talk about a few important F1 Visa Interview questions most of the applicants would be asked in the real interview.

The questions that you might be asked could be divided into 4 sections :

University based questions.
Internship/Work related questions.
Finances/ Funding based questions.
Family/Personal questions.

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