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Graduate record exam (gre) is a standardized test required to be taken by students who are applying to postgraduate courses in the US and in some other parts of the world mostly europian countries & Austrelia.

There are two types of gre exams:

1. GRE general test

2. Subject tests

We provide the practice tests for gre general test on our website. Time to time we have updated our website to reflect the new changes introduced by gre general test exam.

Unlike the general test, the gre subject test is offered in eight areas & specifically used to measure students knowledge in subject which they have majored at the undergraduate level.

GRE tests are prepared by an US based non-profit organization Education Testing Service. Admission commitees uses the scores along with undergraduate records, recommendations and other relevant criterias for giving admission to respective courses.

It is not the thing that all universities require gre scores , but most institutions do. So, it is always good to check requirements of indivisual institutions before applying.