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IBPS English Comprehension Test 1

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

            After two decades of growing student enrollments and economic prosperity ,business schools in India have started to face harder times. Only IIMs, ISB or other ivy class schools have shown a substantial increase in enrollment in recent years. Other institutes have been seen decrease in their enrollment. Since 1999, the number of people receiving Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree has dropped; about 5% and the trend of lower enrollment rates is expected to continue.

            There are two factors causing this decrease in students seeking an MBA degree. The first one is that many graduates are finding that an MBA degree does not guarantee a plush job in corporate sector in India or other public sector jobs. Many of the entry level management jobs are going to students graduating with Master of Arts degree in humanities or specialized people of field like Chartered Accountants or lawyers. Even people with MBA degree are applying to entry level jobs. Students have asked the question ,"Is an MBA degree really what I need to be best prepared for getting a good job?" The second major factor has been the cutting of hefty payrolls and the lower number of entry level jobs being offered. Business needs are changing and MBA schools are struggling to meet the new demands.


What is the main focus of the passage?

Needs of jobs in Indian corporate sector
MBA Colleges need to change with time
Changes in enrollment for MBA schools
Warning the business schools
How business schools are changing


The 'prosperity' in the passage can be replaced by which of the following ?



What can be the future course for MBA schools in India ?

They should change their curriculum and make it more attractive to students
They should change their approach to education and learn from the foreign institutes to make themselves competitive.
They should focus on marketing their courses and its features.
They should make strong links in corporate to put their students in good positions.
They should consult industry titans for the change needed and accordingly.


Which of the following might be the topic of the next paragraph ?

MBA schools effort to change.
Further economic predictions
Meetings of Business School representatives with industry people.
Description of non MBA graduate programme
What students should do now?


Which of the following can be inferred from the passage regarding Indian Corporates ?

Constantly evolving
Fast changing
Bursting out of seams
Growth rate like bolt from blue
Cyclic trends incorporated