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On campus jobs that US universities offer

In this article, I would like to talk about a few On-campus jobs that a student can look for to earn a decent amount of money to pay their rents, food bill and so on. Please note that, WORKING OFF CAMPUS IS ILLEGAL which could lead to severe consequences. Also, a student would not get to work for more than 15 hours in the first two semesters.

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GRE score required for ms in MIS

Hello Aspirants, MS in MIS is such a program where you can learn Management courses along with Technical courses. These are the various job roles you can opt for after finishing the course:
Business Analyst
IT Consultant
Information Systems Manager

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Documents required for OFC & VISA interview

In this article, We have covered the list of all essential documents that can be asked during visa interview. The Documents required to carry for Visa Interview: A valid passport. Appointment letter. DS-160 barcode page. Visa application payment receipt.

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GRE preparation materials

Firstly, We'd like let you know that many people do not use a single book to prepare for GRE & TOEFL but still manage to score well in both GRE,TOEFL. Such people make use of materials available on internet. Infact practicing mock test series online is granted as the sureshot way of scoring good marks in GRE like examinations by many. We have collected some preparation materials for you.

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35 important f1 visa interview questions

Hello Aspirants. In this article, We would like to talk about a few important F1 Visa Interview questions most of the applicants would be asked in the real interview.

The questions that you might be asked could be divided into 4 sections :

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